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Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

Robert went to a hypnotist to help him quit smoking. Which of the following predictions best states what the hypnotist would do?

The hypnotist would suggest changes in Robert’s feelings, perceptions, thoughts, or behaviors related to smoking.

The hypnotist would stimulate Robert’s five senses using monotonous hypnotic induction and force him to quit smoking.

The hypnotist would ask Robert to go to sleep until the hypnosis is over.

The hypnotist would ask Robert to do something that is against his will to motivate him to stop smoking.

Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

Brain-related exercises like crossword puzzles can combat age-related memory problems by strengthening the


occipital lobe.

neural pathways.


Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

People who are depressed are more likely to eat chocolate to feel better. Which of the following explains this mood change?

The brains of depressed people produce too little serotonin, and eating chocolate increases the amount of this neurotransmitter in the brain.

The perception of a depressed person is negative, and the dopamine in chocolate makes the brain have a positive perspective.

Certain memories may be the cause of depression, and eating chocolate effects norepinephrine levels and minimizes the ability to remember.

Depressed people have too little acetylcholine, so they feel lethargic, and the caffeine in chocolate gives them energy.

Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

A man’s desk is littered with incomplete projects and scattered office supplies. A woman’s desk has a small cabinet on the right and a stack of folders on the left. An abstract painting hangs on the man’s wall, while a marked calendar and blown-up organizer dominate the woman’s wall. Which of the following statements most likely describes their thinking styles?

The man and woman are both left-brained.

The man and woman are both right-brained.

The man is left-brained, and the woman is right-brained.

The man is right-brained, and the woman is left-brained.

Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

Hans is watching television while talking on the phone to his friend about their favorite video game. When he hangs up, Hans doesn’t remember what was on television while he was talking to his friend. Which of the following best explains Hans’s experience?

A human brain can’t process and interpret visual and auditory stimuli at the same time.

Selective attention allows us to sense some stimuli without actually perceiving them.

When we encounter several stimuli, we will only sense the ones that are loudest.

When we encounter a figure-ground relationship, we have to separate stimuli from one another.

Question 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

A woman wakes up to her house on fire. A heavy door has fallen and is blocking her path to her child. She lifts it, tosses it aside, and saves her child. Which of the following statements best explains the woman’s actions?

The parietal lobe received the sensation of strong heat from the surroundings and gave an urgent signal to look for cooler areas.

The nerve endings of the skin were numbed by the heat from the fire, which prodded the brain to seek safety from the offensive stimulus.

The brain sent information to the adrenal glands and stimulated the body to have a fight-or-flight response.

The hippocampus flooded the brain with memories of past trauma, forcing the woman to rely on instinct to save herself and her child.

Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

The taste receptors that allow you to identify the taste of lime are located at the

back of the tongue.

front tip of the tongue.

outer sides of the tongue.

center region of the tongue.

Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

Which best explains why our ears can’t hear anything in a vacuum?

There are no compression waves in a vacuum, so there is nothing to transfer acoustic energy.

Molecules in a vacuum become overcompressed, so sounds occur at too high a frequency for humans to hear.

The conditions in a vacuum damage the eardrum and cause permanent hearing loss.

The auditory nerve cannot receive messages from the hair cells in a vacuum.

Question 9 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

Why does a person’s sense of taste suffer when he or she has a cold?

The sense of smell plays a role in our ability to taste and may be impaired from a cold.

The cold virus attacks and kills off taste buds.

The fine hairs in the nasal cavity become more sensitive than the taste buds.

People feel less hungry when they’re sick, so the taste buds temporarily stop functioning.

Question 10 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

Which option is an example

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